Monday, April 8, 2013

Crack MD5 hash the easy way.

               I would start with the one that is not time intensive, for example using word lists containing most used passwords.
               When you are not successful, try it with rainbow tables.
                The last step should be the brute force attack. start with a tiny charset like 0-9, then a-z, then combine a-z with 0-9.
                When you are not successful try using some capitals, special chars.The password lengh should be between 6 and 10.

Round 80% of all passwords are crack-able. the more interesting part is, where to get the hash-codes with corresponding login / nick / email / ... .
So, copy your MD5 hash and paste it here to know the original passwords behind the code.
link1 MD5 hash Decrypter
link2 MD5 Decrypter

Or Mail me if you aren't able to Decrypt the rest 20% of the Hashes.


Anonymous said...

what is MD5

Swapnil khot said...

MD5 is a message-digest code..
popularly known as Hash code, one way encryption code.

Swapnil khot said...

feel free to ask me if you face any doubt..Thankz

Anonymous said...

please, tell me how to get md5 hash of any fb account.