Monday, April 8, 2013

Spread Botnets, RAT, Keyloggers etc the easy way


  • Sign up at
  • Create a sexy name.. like Christina Johnsson..
  • And When you are done.. Change the profile picture to some sexy bimbo chick.
  • As Profile Info.. Write that you are single and that you are modelling.. etc. and soon enough people will add you.
  • Make your account so attractive that people are curious enough to add you.
  • Tell them that you have made a portfolio and you want them to try it out. Send your RAT/Bot/Keylogger server to them... Make sure they runs it.. and there you go, A slave... now do this to many peoples and you will get many victim.

  • Google This: "Teen Chatroom"... Or anything Similiar.
  • Name your name to some sexy chick name.
  • Enter A Chatroom And Tell Them You Want To Show Some Webcam.
  • Tell them your E-Mail Adress.. Add Them.
  • Now, Tell them that they have to Run your Webcam Patch... Wich ofcourse is fake .. (Your Server.. Hopefully Crypted with an Webcam Icon).. They'll be like.. Sure.. now.. You got them on your Botnet list/ RAT.. whatever :D!..


  • Sign Up Here.
  • After That, Make a video.. With an fake program. You can easily steal one from someone else by writing OK infront of youtube.
  • Sign up for free webhosting site and rename to look like the original as eg.  
  • Get comments from friends saying that it works.. etc. etc.
  • And After A While You Will Get Views And Downloads =)!


Daemon ID said...

Which chatroom will i join

Anonymous said...

Which RAT should i choose

deeepak rahu said...

youtube method i didnt understand.

Anonymous said...

dude, anonymous
RAT as you can wish just it depends as how you can handle it.

Anant kumar Shreepada said...

bhai, i want to hack my friend account,

Anant kumar Shreepada said...

So,tell me how to do this,

Arindham jijaji said...

This dosent works