Saturday, May 4, 2013

Secure yourself with Strong passwords

Ever wondered what Strong password is? or how to develop/build a strong password.
Moreover, a strong passsword at the same time is tough to remember but at the same time secures yourself from Brute-force attacks making it difficult for brute-force applications to guess those passowrds.
It also helps yourself from Social Hijacking as well.

So, what is Strong password ?
Those are the one which includes the following :
  1. Uppercase Letters eg. A,B,C
  2. Lowercase Letters eg. a,b,c
  3. Numbers eg. 1,2,3
  4. Special symbols eg. !,@,#
  5. Un-expected combinations of those abhove.(making it difficult for intruder to guess the same and certainly fails to social hijacking)
  6. Never use your mobile no, girlfriend's name, Vehicle no etc etc as these are the one you are most porne to.
A Demo Password and yet the Stronger one and the most easiest.
 password: 25,000 US Dollars

You can check the Strength of your passwords Here.
Believe me you will be safe than before.
Thanz, do comment.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Install Facebook Home for free on your all Android devices.

                  The moment when the all new Facebook Home arrived on Google Play, the hacker's did their job.
So,what they did is they removed the device specific limitations to run on all android devices.
Yes,this limitations was removed by a senior member of XDA-Developers.
If you plan to do this, please be warned that you are taking the risk and could potentially break something, which would be entirely your fault. If you’re okay with that, the instructions are as follows:-

  • Uninstall the original Facebook app,Facebook Home,Facebook Messenger from your mobile.If Facebook is pre-installed on your mobile you may need root access to remove it.
  • Download the modified Facebook Home and Optional Facebook Messenger.Extrace and run them.
  • Now, install the official Facebook app  and Facebook Home Launcher and Facebook Messenger app.
  • Enable Facebook Home under Facebook app settings.Reboot your Device.
  • If further you face any issues,Reboot into recovery and wipe the Dalvik cache.
                 Right now, Facebook Home officially only works on the following devices: HTC One X, One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, and the HTC First (the first device to come pre-loaded with Home). Facebook says that the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have the service in the future, but has not announced other devices yet.
                 This hack required a bit of modding of the APK files, but that’s it. Both rooted and unrooted phones can take advantage of the port.
Any issues plz report in comment,will try to rectify ass soon as i can.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Facebook Graph Search is here

Facebook Graph Search is a semantic search engine being rolled out by Facebook. It is so designed that users can search to related contents by using simple phrases or natural language, As a result you are given with the direct contents rather than separate links.

The Facebook Graph Search Features was launched in Beta January 2013 as a limited preview for some users in the United States.
This Beta is now provided o the users on a prior request of applying it to your Timeline.

Search Features:-

Facebook supports searches for the following types of objects:
  • Public posts
  • People
  • Pages
  • Events
  • Applications
  • Groups
  • Places (limitable to a specific location (latitude and longitude) and distance)
  • Check-ins of the user, friends, or where user or friends have been tagged
  • Objects with location information attached. In addition, the returned objects will be those in which the user or friends have been tagged, or those objects that were created by the user or friends.
Users can filter results, such as in time (since and until), or search only a given user’s News feed.
The feature also allows users to search the web directly.
Some search examples:-
  1. Friends who Like Die Hard 4.0 and How I met my mother.
  2. Photos of my friends taken at National Parks.
  3. Infosys employees who are friends with people at Facebook.
  4. Who are single men in Chicago and are from India.
The above list is indicative for a complete tutorial on Graph search visit this blog or drop a mail with subject as Graph search tutorial here.
This is an intelligent search by Facebook implementing the features of simple search Algorithm as used by Google.
Default search with no text offered are:-
  1. My Friends
  2. Photos of my friends
  3. Restaurants Nearby
  4. Games my Friends play
  5. Music my friends like
  6. Photos i've liked

Download free e-books from 1000% working

This is the second method to download e-books free from
This method works better than earlier i've posted,
This method is successfull enough because of the fact that the is in a stage of increasing its database via asking people to upload the pdf's that we have,taking advantage of this we are going to download by the following method.
Here goes the second method:
1) Go to
2) Browse the e-book that you are willing to download.
3) Click on Download or Print tab.
4) The page now will redirect to the next page asking you to either Register for 1 Day pass or monthly premium Access, Now Scroll the page Downwards and click on Upload now.
5) Then click on Upload.
6) Upload any Document you have(Note that the document must be legal and unique as according to the privacy norms of the Website).
7) After filing up the details of the e-book you ave uploaded click on You are done.
8) Now Scroll the page upwards and click on go back to download your document click here.
9) Now you must begin with your download dialog box.
Report if found any error,Thanks