Sunday, April 14, 2013

Install Facebook Home for free on your all Android devices.

                  The moment when the all new Facebook Home arrived on Google Play, the hacker's did their job.
So,what they did is they removed the device specific limitations to run on all android devices.
Yes,this limitations was removed by a senior member of XDA-Developers.
If you plan to do this, please be warned that you are taking the risk and could potentially break something, which would be entirely your fault. If you’re okay with that, the instructions are as follows:-

  • Uninstall the original Facebook app,Facebook Home,Facebook Messenger from your mobile.If Facebook is pre-installed on your mobile you may need root access to remove it.
  • Download the modified Facebook Home and Optional Facebook Messenger.Extrace and run them.
  • Now, install the official Facebook app  and Facebook Home Launcher and Facebook Messenger app.
  • Enable Facebook Home under Facebook app settings.Reboot your Device.
  • If further you face any issues,Reboot into recovery and wipe the Dalvik cache.
                 Right now, Facebook Home officially only works on the following devices: HTC One X, One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, and the HTC First (the first device to come pre-loaded with Home). Facebook says that the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have the service in the future, but has not announced other devices yet.
                 This hack required a bit of modding of the APK files, but that’s it. Both rooted and unrooted phones can take advantage of the port.
Any issues plz report in comment,will try to rectify ass soon as i can.