Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Keeping yourself safe online

So How to be
I have compiled some tips from various sources for staying your self safe, online. Have a glimpse through them and be safe on your side.
  • Never disclose your personal details to people online.
  • Don't respond to suspicious e-mails.
  • Don't click links in suspicious e-mails.
  • Delete suspicious e-mails and move on.
  • Update your Anti-virus Definitions.
  • Install Windows defender, if you are using Microsoft Windows.
  • Install McAfee Site Advisor, to know the details about a link in search engines like Google or Yahoo before you click that link.
  • Never accept friendship invitations from unknown peoples in the social community networks.
  • Use Strong Passwords for your email account and other social community network accounts.
  • You can get this both from here Windows Defender and McAfee site Advisor

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