Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Access and Control Your Desktop Remotely with Your Mobile Device

Have you ever dreamed of accessing and controlling your Desktop remotely with your Mobile?.
Now WebEx is here to materialize your dream. You can use WebEx PCNow 3.0 to access your
PC from any mobile device or PC from anywhere!!!. This comes with a very nominal fee per month.

I am sure you can experience the thrill of following features:

Remote Desktop Control - You can access your PCs using a standard web browser, and work as if you were sitting right there. 
Mobile Access to Your Files and Folders - You can access files, photos, and documents stored on your remote computer from any mobile phone. Quickly share documents and pictures on the go.

Mobile Organizer - Access your Outlook email, calendar and contacts from your mobile phone. Reply to emails, create appointments and quickly retrieve contact information when you need it.

Mobile Skype™ - You can call or chat with Skype contacts even on mobile devices that are not supported by Skype mobile client.

Mobile Search - If you have Google, Yahoo, Windows, or X1 desktop search installed on your computer, you can search your desktop from any mobile phone.

Mobile Online Storage - 100MBs of free online storage allows you to automatically store important files and access them even when your computer is off-line.

Copy and Paste - Copy and paste text between computers , simply and easily.

Remote Printing - Print any document on your remote computer to a local printer. Instantly obtain a hard copy of any document living on your remote computer.

File Transfer - Transfer files to and from your remote computer. If you travel and forget to bring a document, easily access your computer and transfer the file to your local computer.

Security - It uses 128 Bit SSL so that all data transferred during a remote access session, from end to end, is totally secure and private.

Remote Screen Blanking & Keyboard Locking - This prevents anyone at the remote location from tampering with your computer during a session. Your privacy and your remote access session are protected.

Phone Authentication - This is a unique option that triggers a phone call from the network, requiring that an access code be entered via the phone's keypad to obtain access to the remote computer.

Usage Activity Reports - You can view detailed records of your remote access sessions.

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