Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to secure your facebook account

In the past few years a lot of social apps have been developed which has changed our life completely. Now a days, we have 2 lives, one which is the actual physical life and the other is a virtual life which we live through these social apps. Facebook has become a major part of this virtual life. Nobody wants anyone else to take control of their life. Since our virtual life is online, we need to take care that it is not hacked by any stupid hacker and used for their own benefit.
According the Facebook statistics there are more than 750 Million Active facebook users. This makes is a very important target for all the hackers. I have no doubts that the developers at facebook are working 24×7 to make it as secure as possible but the hackers are also working 24×7 to find out a loophole using which they could take control of your account. But for our safety we also need to work a little harder. According to me, the best possible way to do this is by learning how to hack facebook yourself. If you know the loopholes you will never fall for it.
Now you might be thinking, how can I learn about hacking Facebook. If you ask me, I would say google it and learn it yourself. But I know that nobody has got so much time to search for each and every facebook hack possible. Luckily Rafay Baloch, the author of “A beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking”, has the answer to your question with his newly created “Facebook Hacking Course“.
Facebook hacking course is basically a set of videos which will show you different methods used by hackers to hack Facebook account passwords and how you can protect your self from getting hacked. It will include each and every possible methods that a hacker could use to get your facebook credentials. Along with each video you will get a lab which will tell you exactly how to replicate this attack in a safe environment. It also provides bonus techniques using which you could become anonymous on the internet. If you want to become a hacker this is the first thing you would want to learn. There is also a second bonus with it. You will get email support from none other than Rafay himself.
Now before you make your decision lets hear some words from Rafay“Friends, if you ask me “Is Facebook safe?” my answer would be “Yes. Its safer than your own computer but remember it is still possible that your facebook account may get hacked and that is because all the hacking methods are client based and not server based, which means that the hackers directly attack you and not facebook. And securing your facebook account depends on how better you can avoid these attacks.”
Now I leave it up to you. You may go and take this course which I would highly recommend or you may leave it up to the hackers to find and hack your account.

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